Why Choose AK Apparel

Whether you are dedicated cyclist or simply sponsoring the Fun Run, you have many choices when it comes to custom sublimation of your jerseys, shorts, skullcaps and arm warmers. There are many competitors out there and, at times, it seems like their offerings are quite similar.

Sure, some of the technology may be the same, but at AK Apparel we believe there is a difference. And it boils down to three characteristics:

You hear that one a lot. Everybody has his own spin on the phrase, but AK Apparel thinks the simplest definition is best:

  • We will get to know your business and your goals.
  • We will tailor creative solutions to help you meet those goals.
  • Creative solutions are ones that make sense and get the job done, and are not always ones that provide us the best margin.
  • We will measure the success of our partnership not by units sold, but how we helped you meet your objectives.
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Nobody likes surprises. And our consultative partnership helps eliminate them. But things happen, and that’s where AK Apparel’ s unmatched production flexibility makes a difference. Since we don’t use screens, we can perform multiple production runs with relative ease.

  • Not sure what your final count will be, but you have an “at least” number? We can get started, and finish the job on another run.
  • A big registration rush near the end? No problem. That early production run will have relieved some pressure.
  • Run out of “mediums” on the day of the event, and you need six more afterwards? We can do a small clean-up run to make up the difference.
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From pricing to ordering to design, AK Apparel’s flexibility removes the limitations and allows you to get what you really want, not just what you can afford. This flexibility sets AK Apparel apart from the competition:

Comparison AK Apparel Competition
Unlimited Colors No Additional Charge? Yes No
Can Front and Back Be Different? Yes No
Can Sleeves Be Different? Yes No
Photo Reproduction? Yes No
Design Scaled to Garment Size? Yes No
Made in the USA? Yes No
Hidden Charges? No Yes
Minimum Orders? No Yes